As a Santa Barbara County resident you may register to vote if:

  • you are a citizen of the United States

  • you are a resident of California

  • you are not in prison, on parole, serving a state prison sentence in county jail,
    serving a sentence for a felony pursuant to subdivision (h) of Penal Code section 1170,
    or on post-release community supervision

  • you will be at least 18 years of age at the time of the next election

  • you have not been judged by a court to be mentally incompetent to register and vote

Established by Senate Bill 113, a law written by Senator Hannah Beth Jackson, Senate Bill 113
allows a person to pre-register to vote beginning at age 16, provided they meet all other
eligibility requirements.


Online pre-registration is now available for eligible 16 and 17 year olds by visiting California youth who pre-register to vote will have their registration
become active once they turn 18 years old. 


Pre-registration does not change the voting age, which is 18. Instead, it allows eligible
Californians ages 16 or 17 to complete the online voter registration form providing
sufficient time and opportunity to get ready to vote.

Ready to vote? Find your polling place here!

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