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Trauma Changes Children's Lives Forever

When a child is taken from their mother or father it creates a trauma that can have serious life consequences. When reunited with family a child can continue to feel unsafe and often are waiting for the abandonment to strike again. Children who experience trauma often have elevated levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which can impair cognitive development and impact a child’s social-emotional adjustment as well as his or her language, motor and cognitive functions. With continued elevated levels of cortisol children are more likely to experience learning deficits and cognitive delays. One can identify these children in the classroom settings as those who find it difficult to concentrate and typically have low test scores. 

Cortisol is generally referred to as the stress hormone because it triggers the fight or flight response. Imagine theses children ripped apart from their mothers and fathers not knowing if they will ever see their family again. Family instability can create high levels of cortisol but separation also creates abandonment issues that will follow these children in all their relationship throughout their lives. 

The calloused and cruel decision to separate children from their relatives and house them like cattle in cages will change their lives in ways that will affect their social-emotional adjustment for their entire lives.