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Endorsements for Election 2020

Updated: Feb 14

U.S. Senate Amy McGrath Amy McGrath, a retired US Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel raised in Kentucky, is running for the US Senate to fix Washington and give Kentuckians back their voice.  She’s not running for Senate to get rich and join the Washington swamp. Amy is ready to take on career politicians like Mitch McConnell and bring accountability and leadership back to Kentucky and our country. Read More about Amy McGrath

U.S. Congress Katie Porter, 45th Congressional District

Congresswoman Porter has remained committed to putting families first. As a member of House Financial Services Committee, she’s asked tough questions of bank CEOs and administration officials to hold them accountable to the American people. She has also been a key supporter of legislation to reduce the influence of dark money in politics and restore ethics to Washington. As a single working mom, Rep. Porter knows firsthand about the challenges faced by working families. She’s introduced bipartisan legislation to allow families to set aside more pre-tax income for dependent care. She’s continued to press for a repeal of the limits on the State and Local Tax (SALT) deduction, which has hit California’s middle-class families especially hard. Read More about Congresswoman Katie Porter📷

U.S. Congress Salud Carbajal, 24th Congressional District

In Congress, Salud Carbajal has demonstrated a strong commitment to protecting our natural environment and resources, enhancing public safety, creating economic opportunities, and working regionally to address our transportation, housing, and workforce challenges. A long-time advocate for our environment, Salud’s first act in Congress was the California Clean Coast Act which bans future offshore oil and gas drilling on California’s coast. He also is a member of the bi-partisan Climate Solutions Caucus, which works across the aisle toward developing strategies for mitigating the effects of climate change. Read More about Congressman Carbajal

CA State Senate, District 19 Monique Limón

We are proud of what Assemblymember Limón has accomplished during her service as our Assemblymember representing Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties. She was born and raised in the district; her life and values have been shaped by the community and by the diversity of experiences she's known as our elected leader. She has a proven record of working to improve our schools, protecting our environment, expanding job training, advancing women’s health care – and standing up for consumers. Her experience gives her a unique understanding of how state policies impact us locally. She's a strong voice at the State Capitol for our local communities, helping shape outcomes for our local schools, environment, neighborhoods, and economy. Read More about Monique Limón

CA State Assembly Elsa Granados, District 37

Elsa has dedicated her adult life to addressing sexual assault and domestic violence and advocating for civil rights for working-class families and under-represented communities. Now, she wants to use that same energy and the experience she gained to stand up for the people of the 37th Assembly district. We need an assembly member who will protect our environment and will fight for those struggling day to day. "As a lifelong democrat and advocate for women’s issues, it is my honor to receive the endorsement of the Democratic Women of Santa Barbara County. The values that you hold most dear are those that mean the most to me. Together we will continue the fight for issues such as affordable housing, health care, high-quality education, and sustainable environmental practices. I am proud to carry on the long-standing traditions of this forward-thinking organization. Thank you for endorsing my campaign." - Elsa Granados Read More about Elsa Granados

Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors

Laura Capps, District 1 For the past 25 years, Laura’s work has been about forging a more environmentally sustainable future, combatting poverty, fighting for immigration reform, and supporting the rights of all people. 

Laura has built a reputation as a respected advocate for environmental conservation and climate issues. Recently she has devoted much of her work to ending poverty in California with advocacy and outreach on the Earned Income Tax Credit, the strongest tool to alleviate poverty especially among working mothers.

As a member of the Board of Santa Barbara Unified School District, Laura has worked to close the achievement gap, make our schools safer, advocates for social and emotional learning, listens and responds to the many voices in our community, and has been a champion for sustainability. "I am proud to be a Democratic Woman of Santa Barbara County and thrilled to receive this coveted endorsement. I share their values, principles and positions on the issues that matter to women and families throughout our County - poverty, reproductive health, environment, and education. These inspiring women fight for progress -independent of the establishment -- with integrity and persistence. I am honored to be in the trenches with them" - Laura Capps Read More About Laura Capps Here

Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors

Joan Hartmann, District 3

Supervisor Hartmann has a solid record of service. In her first term, she helped enhance disaster response, recovery & preparedness, balanced County budgets while fully restoring the Rainy Day Fund. She has improved the safety of our roads & neighborhoods, advocated for expanded mental health care & homeless facilities, championed clean energy programs & water-wise policies, expanding parks, trails & active living to improve public health & our quality of life.

She Promotes initiatives to support children, working families & seniors and believed in advancing government transparency & community engagement.

“ I consider the endorsement of Democratic Women of Santa Barbara County in my re-election campaign to be a badge of honor, or a stamp of approval of our work together to improve the lives and conditions of working families throughout the County by improving our local economy while protecting our environment.”

- Joan Hartmann

Read More About Joan Hartmann Here

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